It's All About Your Client

Andrea Nierenberg Finding clients and nurturing them is one key ingredient to success that can lead to great advocates to grow your business. Satisfied clients, business contacts, friends and your team, can be your best sales and marketing champions because they know and respect you. Here are some ways to earn the trust of your clients, both internal and external, and stay on their radar screens:

  • Befriend your client: Break bread with them or take them to an event. Develop a relationship with your client as you would with a friend. They often do become one.

  • Provide dazzling service: Credibility is everything. Provide top service and always go the extra mile.

  • Place their needs first: Be proactive. Find ways to make their life and work easier and more productive.

  • Be their advocate: Make connections for them. Help them find new business, a valuable connection, or anything that enhances their life or solves a problem.

  • Refrain from keeping score: Do it because you like and respect them. When you show that they're always on your radar screen, you'll find yourself on theirs as well.

  • Give added value continually: Increase your services to them. In addition to what you are already doing, send them a different suggestion, idea, strategy, or a tip of the month (or week) that will help grow their business.

    Hopefully over time, you will earn your clients trust and respect and will see the results in a solid network of contacts. They will become your advocates and talk about you and your business in a positive way. This is a credibility factor that comes from working hard and smart to create powerful connections.

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