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Steven Gaffney ...About Resolving Issues at Work?

If you live a normal life under normal circumstances, you will have spent more time at work than at any other activity in your life other than sleeping. Yes, work is the number one waking activity among adults. This means that unless you strike it rich, win the lottery or inherit a great sum of money when you reach the end of your life and look back, you will have spent more time working than doing any other activity. You will work more than you spend time with your loved ones or children, pursue your favorite hobbies or participate in your favorite activity.

So, if you are wondering whether to handle the issue or issues at work that are really bothering you, do it -- and do it for you. I find it amazing how many people I meet who have issues at work and rationalize, "It is just work" or "I work so I can enjoy my personal life" or "It is no big deal, I can handle it." The trouble is that although you may be able to handle it, you often pay a severe price for not confronting your problems -- the price of not enjoying work. And considering that work is probably going to be the number one waking activity in your life, fulfillment with your work is a significant key to enjoying life. On top of this, issues at work tend to bleed into and affect our home life.

I have met several people who say they can compartmentalize and leave work at work, but in actuality very few of them can. The worst part is that people usually don't realize how much issues have cost them until they are served divorce papers, have a child drop out of school or are simply not present for the everyday joys of life.

The lesson from this is to love what you do. If you don't, do what it takes to love what you do. Resolve the issues that bother you and do it for you.

If you are wondering what issues you need to handle, that call is up to you. As a good friend of mine always says, "You are the leading authority on you. No one in this world knows you better than you." And, while there are times to let things go, make sure you don't lie to yourself and say, "It is no big deal," only to find out the consequences when it is too late!

Remember, you can get back many things in your life including money and even, sometimes, your health, but you can never get back the time in your life. Every minute you spend anguishing or brooding over something and not enjoying what is happening right in front of you, is another minute that you will never get back in your life. When that coworker comes into your office and is wasting your time and you don't say anything to him or her, just think: you will never get back that moment in your life.

My father and my uncle have both hit the 70's mark and they are still working. Why? Because they love what they do. It is not a question of retiring or not, it is a question of enjoying the ride along the way. The choice is yours. You make that call!

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