First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

When you first meet a prospect, they immediately start to form an opinion of you. They make a judgement based on how you are dressed, your speech, your tone of voice, your accent, your body language, and many other factors over and above what you actually say. For good or bad, “It’s not what you say but how you say it.”

Remember the Nixon / Kennedy debate? Those who saw it on television thought Kennedy won, but those who heard it on radio thought Nixon won. The fact is that your physiology and tonality create 93% of a person’s opinion of you, and only 7% is based on the actual words you use. In a selling situation, that impression made in the first two minutes may determine whether the prospect will ever do business with you … regardless of your features and benefits.

Success in selling is a slight edge. Learn to make First Impressions Lasting Impressions. This is Jack Hauber, Sandler Training Institute 301-590-8700, extension 11. And that’s TODAY’S SALES MEETING MINUTE … Today’s Sales Meeting Minute © 2004, SANDLER SYSTEMS, INC.

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