Ramon Ray

Canadian based Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the very popular BlackBerry email (and so much more) devices have publicly stated that they hope to target more consumers and small businesses.

It's a shame that they've waited so long to target small business? We (small businesses) have been using BlackBerry's without being targeted but I think RIM could have had MORE of this market if they would have made even MORE solutions for small businesses and offered more support options. (not I do not know about their current support options but more is always good).

The 5 million customers they have is a good number but there's so many more businesses (small businesses) that could be using BlackBerry's.

Globe and Mail writes "Beyond the enterprise, we're trying to increase into other channels - the small business market is one that is big, yet it's much more fragmented," said chief financial officer Dennis Kavelman at a Piper Jaffray conference.

"You have to hit a lot more small IT (information technology) managers and small companies to get the same volumes."

Sure, it's harder to sell to 50,000 small businesses (maybe 10,000 small businesses with 5 employees each) than 5 companies with 10,000 employees each. However it CAN be done with smart advertising, marketing and education.

RIM - touch your local business chambers, reach out and GIVE GOOD LOVE to local solution providers, get in touch with small business focused media, have technology evangelists TALK about your products and the relevance to small businesses.

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