Always Get An Answer To Your Question

Sales people like to talk, especially about their products and services. In fact, most sales training teaches people how to sell features and benefits of their product or service.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to learn as much as you can about your product, your industry and your competition. This information will give you confidence when you’re with prospective clients. However, very little training is done on how to ask questions to help the prospects uncover their real buying motives. After all, psychiatrists don’t tell their clients what they need to change, their clients discover it for themselves.

The more questions your prospects answer for you, the more you will learn about what they really want “to buy”. Remember that they don’t like to “be sold”. If your question was important enough for you to ask, then make sure you “Always Get An Answer”. This is Jack Hauber of the Sandler Training Institute 301-590-8700, extension 11. And that’s TODAY’S SALES MEETING MINUTE …

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