Women Don't Ask

Author: Linda Babcock

Amazon.com Review: Men ask for what they want twice as often as women do and initiate negotiation four times more, report economist Linda Babcock and writer Sara Laschever in the footnoted but engaging Women Don't Ask. With vivid research examples... the authors detail culture as the culprit in discouraging women from negotiating on their own behalf. Men... learn to pursue and energize their goals at work and home. The two key elements are control and recognizing opportunity... Several chapters are focused on prescription... The authors shine in their examination of culture and gender--and their optimism about how women can counter the culture. They falter whenever they adopt the "sexes-from-a-different-planet" fallacy. Most notably, in a chapter that details a "female approach" to negotiating. Overall, the authors have created a smart summary of research and used it to affirm every woman's urgent right to ask.