The Trump Tax Cut: Your Personal Guide to the New Tax Law

Author: Eva Rosenberg

President Trump's tax cut reduced taxes by $5 trillion. Now The Trump Tax Cut shows businesses how they can benefit from hundreds of deductions, loopholes and tax secrets. You'll also read about the "Trump Tax Loophole" that can slash your personal taxes by an additional 20% instantly! That's if you qualify -- and many Americans do. Find more than 200 deductions, write-offs and legal loopholes, including:
• The change that will instantly help 70% of Americans.
• Buy a new car up to $40,000 and write it off immediately.
• Big changes for medical expenses.
• 3 deductions that usually slip right past the IRS.
• Get the government to help pay your energy bill.
• The most overlooked tax deduction many accountants don't even know.
• How you can still deduct the mortgage interest on two homes.
• Take $10,000 of distributions from 529s to help cover the cost of home schooling.
• A better way to save for college.
• 13 tax no-nos that could trigger an audit.
• And 200+ more tips, loopholes and deductions.
• PLUS: 5 Best States to Live in Under the New Law.