Ride the Waves of Ownership Change: A Practical Guide on How to Buy, Fund, Build, and Sell a Business

Author: Mike Brosig

This is the inspirational story of one team that bought, expanded, and sold the business they worked for. You get the story of the real twists and turns of employees purchasing their company, plus many business lessons. From raising more than two million dollars in a week, to marketing and management innovations, you'll see it all. "Would-be" great entrepreneurs may not make the break from their jobs. But if your company is sold, or your division closed, that may provide you the opportunity to do even better on your own. Buying a business can be the best way to become an entrepreneur. Whether it's the company you work for, or not, you get the benefits of existing procedures and a base from which to make improvements. You and your colleagues may already comprise a potential success team.