Be A Change Champion

Author: Steven Gaffney

Research shows that 70 percent of organizational and cultural changes fail to achieve their desired outcomes. Why does this happen and what can you do about it? For almost two decades, Steven Gaffney has worked with clients on numerous change initiatives, both small and large, including mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. Through this work, it became apparent that changes usually fail due to the execution rather than design of the change. There is simply a foundational gap in resources and knowledge about how to generate and maintain the motivation, momentum, and morale surrounding the initiative. When it comes to change, there are numerous books and other materials out there. There are books on managing change, dealing with change, organizational changes, and so forth, but there is little about how to maintain momentum once a change is launched. This is the only book dedicated to keeping up the momentum of a change. In Be a Change Champion, you will learn how to: Eliminate the wasteful detours that derail change initiatives Tackle Change Blockers and resolve hidden resistance Prevent the "perfectionitis" that is slowing down your initiative's progress Gain buy-in from your team so that they are fully engaged Move forward with speed, accuracy, and efficiency to achieve top performance Whether you're leading, participating in, or observing a change, big or small, in this book you will find specific strategies, techniques, and tools to boost motivation and momentum and ultimately achieve success.