Networking for Veterans: A Guidebook for a Successful Military Transition into the Civilian Workforce

Author: Andrea Nierenberg

Today’s returning veterans are leaving active-service with vast leadership experiences and valuable technical skills. Yet does this mean they have the kind of networking skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive business environment? Not necessarily, according to authors Michael Abrams, Michael Faulkner and Andrea Nierenberg. “Networking” is a term that many veterans don’t fully understand or practice, and as a result, they fail to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them during their military transition. Networking for Veterans teaches transitioning service-members how to properly network and build relationships with the people in their community who are most willing and able to help them launch new careers of their choosing.

Topics covered include overcoming the challenges of making a military transition, properly applying military skills and experiences to business situations, building a network of contacts, overcoming the fear of communicating, interpersonal relationship building, and more. It is a fundamental “how to” that all veterans can apply to their transition to the business world.