Brand Turnaround

Author: Karen Post

Ford, Xerox, and Domino’s. Each of these high-profile brands faced a widely publicized meltdown that threatened to put them out of business—and each one is going strong today. Why? They took charge with conviction, creativity, and smarts.

Brand Turnaround examines these and other brands—big and small—to prove that with the right plan and leadership any brand can recover. Karen Post, a leading expert on branding, provides practical insight and methods you can use to transform your brand when it seems the world is crashing down around it. She offers the tools you need to develop a game plan within hours of an incident to prevent the problem from spreading; to create a company culture designed to handle situations quickly and effectively; and to manage emotions during the toughest days.

Whether you run a family business or sit on the board for a major corporation, Brand Turnaround has everything you need to prepare your organization now.