Decades of Differences

Author: Ken Gronbach

The changes going on in today s workplace including diverse generations, shifting demographics and evolving technology are forever changing work and leadership as we know it. Now, with Decades of Differences: Making It Work, leaders have the concrete tools they need to become razor sharp, extremely adaptable and fully prepared to effectively lead and manage both the changes and the change-makers. The authors are leadership and demographics experts who combine years of research and experience to explain shifting demographics in a way we can actually understand. With their insight, you ll also know what to do about it whether you re a top-level executive, current leader, aspiring leader or someone being led. Section one looks at who the different generations are and what they think about each other. You ll examine how to lead and manage and be led and managed by Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. In section two, the focus switches to how the demographics shift is impacting leadership and the overall workplace and what companies can do about it. From recruiting and staffing to succession planning and performance management, you ll gain practical strategies for creating a more collaborative and united workplace environment. There s no better way to prepare to meet the demographic challenge.

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