The 24-Hour Customer

Author: Adrian C. Ott

From Publishers Weekly
Remember the old adage "time is money"? It's outdated, argues Ott, a consultancy firm CEO; time is now much more important than money to consumers. It is also a consistently overlooked and misunderstood factor driving buying decisions, and companies that build their products or services around the customer's willingness to invest precious time and attention are gaining competitive traction in markets where their competitors, who approach the new dynamic by simply getting more strident in their marketing, are increasingly slipping. Ott offers specific advice and "Two Minute Takeaways" at the conclusion of each chapter to address the all-important "Time-Value Tradeoff." She illustrates her points with case studies of companies that have gotten it right, such as Symantec, Netflix, Amazon, and FreshDirect. Ott's accessible tone and systematic strategies will be an eye-opener for companies wishing to drive through the constant marketing chatter and reach their increasingly harried customers.

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