What Made jack welch JACK WELCH

Author: Stephen Baum

From Publishers Weekly
Though the title suggests a focus on the famous General Electric CEO's many accomplishments and leadership skills, this management guide draws on the experiences of many other leaders, including Rudy Giuliani and Gen. Tommy Franks, as well as leaders in corporations like Florida Power and Light or Hearst. With intriguing chapter titles like Are You Really Jack Welch or Just Wearing His Suit? A Lack of Shaping Experiences Can Spell Disaster or Doing the Right Thing When No One is Looking: Shaping Experiences that Build Character, the book attempts to show the reader how to seek out and recognize experiences that will help in their own rise to the top. Yet many of the traits Baum focuses on, such as good character or personal courage, seem inherent and hard to develop. In addition, these shaping experiences seem difficult to seek out or even realize in the moment. While there's inspiration here, the abstract nature of these leaders' qualities may leave readers full of admiration for those who possess them, yet unsure of how to recognize and improve on these essential characteristics in their own lives.

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