The Successful Entrepreneur

Author: Tom Anastasi

Businesses that survive for five years have the best chance of success. Plan for sixty months right from the start. Some entrepreneurs empty their checking accounts, take on massive amounts of debt, risk their homes, and hope after two years their businesses will have the financial strength to continue. The Successful Entrepreneur is for everyone who is financially conservative, wants to own a business, and finds the traditional risky method frightening and not right for them. Every day men and women set out on a new venture because they have lost their jobs or want to be their own boss. Anastasi shows how you can make decisions using data easily gathered that gives realistic advice on how to start a business with minimal risk as well as how to manage human resources, sales, and marketing. And here is a plan that takes you from day one right through a five year plan. Using a refreshingly simple approach, Anastasi shows you how to gather and interpret data like a high-priced consultant, accurately predicting important information such as market potential, startup costs, and marketing costs. Beginning entrepreneurs will learn how to own a self-sustaining business, if they are willing to take their time to do it right.

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