The Napkin The Melon & The Monkey

Author: Barbara Burke

As a customer service agent, Olivia has been trained to handle irate customers in a calm, professional manner. But one day she loses control and yells back. Terrified that she’ll be fired, she seeks out Isabel, the call center’s sage.

The advice she receives from her wise mentor changes her life:

• SODA (Stop. Observe. Decide. Act) — a sure-fire formula for remaining calm in any situation

• Unplugging — a centuries-old practice to reduce anxiety and promote creativity

Aha!s — 22 practical insights that become the framework for living a happy life

This modern-day fable shows us that the best way to reduce stress is to cultivate mindfulness. While we cannot control much of what happens, we can get better outcomes if we stop to see situations clearly and calmly.

The Napkin The Melon & The Monkey serves as both a powerful resource for business professionals looking for practical, easy-to-use tools for dealing with difficult people and an inspirational tale for those who want better relationships and a happier life.

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