China's Megatrends

Author: John Naisbitt

John and Doris Naisbitt, long-time China observers, provide a unique perspective on the transformation that is reshaping China?s economic, social, and political systems. With unprecented access granted by the Chinese government, they set out to collect data and information across all of China. They argue that while America struggles to restore its position in the world, China is creating an entirely new social and economic model, fitting to Chinese history and society just as America created a model fitting its history and society more than 200 years ago. John and Doris identify eight pillars of this new system:

• The Emanicipation of the Mind
• Planning by Trial and Error
• The Limits of Freedom and Fairness
• Framing the Forest, Letting the Trees Grow
• Balancing Top-down with Bottom-up
• Artistic and Intellectual Ferment
• Joining the World Stage
• The Mighty River of Innovation

Taken together, these 8 forces are transforming China from the inside-out and ultimately reshaping the dynamics of globalization more generally. Provocative and groundbreaking, China’s Megatrends describes this revolution for old hands and newcomers alike, offering new insights into China?s emergence as a global power.

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