Frontline Profit Machine

Author: Ziad Khoury

In most businesses you have very little control over your competitors, their pricing and their occasional perplexing strategies. You have no control over the economy or the litany of outside influences that affect the health of your business. What you do have control over is the performance of your own team, the environment you help create and the people you invite into this environment to be part of your team.

For many businesses, improving the service and sales ability of the frontline – the customer-facing staff – usually provides the opportunity for the biggest upside impact for the organization. For many companies a 5% to 10% improvement in top line revenue can mean 100% improvement for the bottom-line.

In Front Line Profit Machine, Ziad Khoury helps businesses increase profits by improving service and sales at the frontline. This is not just a matter of up-selling customers, rather it requires a cultural transformation in the organization, encompassing training, a sense of ownership and empowerment among frontline employees, measurement and appropriate financial incentives -- all part of the Khoury Performance equation blueprint.

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