Cracking the Boy's Club Code

Author: Michael Johnson

Wouldn't it be nice to have a decoder ring to understand how men think?

Cracking The Boy's Club Code gives you creative strategies for winning respect from male coworkers and getting the outcomes you want. In a unique, engaging style respectful of both sexes, Michael Johnson outlines gender communication styles and how to work within them to enable more harmonious interoffice interactions. Learn communication strategies that help you get heard, appreciated and rewarded.

* Discover hidden rules that govern men’s behavior at work
* Learn the top 10 ways women sabotage themselves
* How to offer ideas with authority--and get credit for them
* Identify your unconscious habits that undermine credibility

With practical suggestions geared toward the business world, Johnson shows us how men’s conversational rituals and verbal power games can cause your best efforts to go unnoticed and unappreciated in the workplace. A must read for women who work with men, this book offers a peek into to the male business mind. Once you’ve Cracked the Boy’s Club Code, you’ll be heard, valued, and appreciated--without compromising your authenticity.

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