What's the Rush?

Author: Jim Ballard

A beautifully simple guide for finding peace--and a better pace--in every step of life.

These days, the world seems to be moving faster and faster, while we rush through our days at home and at work just to keep up. We live at a quicker pace than ever before, but we find ourselves stuck in thinking at the same speed--making both our thoughts and actions unfocused and frantic. Now, in What's the Rush?, business consultant Jim Ballard shows us how to step out of the race and stop setting unrealistic "finish lines" for ourselves--and finally find the pace at which we were meant to live and work.

As Jim Ballard reveals in this book, rushing blindly isn't the solution to negotiating the rocky terrain of our work and personal lives. Using the metaphor of running consciously, Ballard offers us a way to restore balance through the technique of "dreamrunning," which allows us to trust our own intuition to guide us, freeing us to reason and act from an inner source rather than merely react to outer stimuli. As Ballard writes, "The present moment is where we have power and awareness. It is where everything is happening. The more we live in it, the more we see that time is a resource, not a taskmaster."

Showing us how to balance logic with intuition, control with surrender, and thinking with feeling, Jim Ballard puts us on the path toward a life-changing experience. For all of us who feel that there simply are not enough hours in the day, or that life is passing us by while we stand around, helpless to stop it, What's the Rush? reveals the sheer joy of running free.

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