Working Solo

Author: Terri Lonier

From Booklist: Going solo has never been such an attractive workplace option as it is right now. But Lonier is correct in her assertion that unless you're willing to devote heart and soul to building a business, it is better to be employed by someone else. That, plus 11 other myths (e.g., a solo worker has tons of free time), she sets readers straight about in the first chapter. From that point, her advice is couched in David Letterman-like lists: the 10 easiest ways to choose a business, the three most important office elements, seven surefire ways to get the most out of your day, and so on. This kind of numerical itemization certainly makes an easy read, and, to underscore her points, she intersperses words of wisdom from real-life practitioners. A good first reality check for those dazzled by the glamor of "doing their own thing"--and a terrific psychological spur to practicing soloists.