Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting

Author: Skip Miller

For salespeople, prospecting is as important as it is difficult. For some, it's downright terrifying -- especially the cold calling. Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting shares the hard-won, in-the-trenches prospecting and cold-calling secrets of the most successful salespeople -- in the trademark, fun style of the best-selling Knock Your Socks Off series. This practical book gives sales people renewed energy for a critical (yet often dreaded) phase of the sales cycle. Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting shows how to approach prospecting more positively and productively, and how to maximize return on prospecting efforts. Salespeople will gain priceless insight on improving communications, identifying prospects, maximizing their time (the "Powerhour" approach), networking, and more. Destined to be another Knock Your Socks Off classic, this book reveals techniques that will make any sales professional's efforts more enjoyable -- and much more profitable.