ProActive Selling

Author: Skip Miller

Most sales professionals make the mistake of using the same sales patterns over and over. But since all customers are different, true pros know they must tailor their methods to the buyer if they want to make their numbers every year. "ProActive Selling" gives readers the tools they need to adapt their approach and maintain control at every stage of the sale. Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition shows sales people how to: qualify and disqualify prospects sooner to focus on the most promising accounts; examine buyers' motivations from every angle; quantify the value proposition early; double the number of calls returned from prospective customers; appeal to the real decision-makers; use technology (e.g. cloud, video, social media, and more) to generate leads and shorten sales cycles; and increase the effectiveness of every interaction. Featuring dozens of enlightening examples and the author's 17 exclusive, practical selling tools, "ProActive Selling" gives sales professionals the edge they need to exceed their goals - with any company, in any industry.