Do It Right!

Author: Valerie Sokolosky

As the business environment has become more global, the demand for savvy social skills and awareness of etiquette practiced in other culture is higher than ever. More companies now seek individuals who are proficient team players and able to function well in any situation, whether at home or abroad. Do It Right: The New Book of Business Etiquette is a comprehensive guide to accepted practices in todays business community. The 88 page book provides guidelines for everything from cell phones to travel etiquette and respecting the needs of every culture. Each chapter is focused on a specific area of business conduct. Do It Right! provides business professionals at every level with a simple to read, easy to follow update on conducting themselves in every situation. The book tells us what is considered polite behavior and what to avoid as well as appropriate gifts for every business occasion. Every business person needs this book as a guide to personal and professional business etiquette.