The Secret Code of Success

Author: Noah St. John

From Booklist: St. John, author and entrepreneur, offers a blueprint for readers to become happily successful in their lives, their careers, and their relationships. We learn that the subconscious (hidden) mind makes up 90 percent of total brain function, and fear of accomplishment resides in our subconscious; people are often their own worst enemies on the road to success. The author’s seven steps are asking empowering questions that change subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive; needing others’ unconditional support; using necessary support systems such as introspection and simplifying your life; taking a break from the familiar goal-related activities; stopping the attempt to protect, punish, or please others; saying no when you mean no; and finding your purpose or mission and start living it. The author recommends first thoroughly learning the seven steps, embracing them with practice, and then teaching them to others. Although motivation is personal, and there are many different approaches in the marketplace, St. John’s thoughtful advice and techniques could be very helpful to many library patrons.