Dive Right in - The Sharks Won't Bite

Author: Jane Wesman

From Publishers Weekly: Many women find psychotherapy helpful in running a business; some find that playing tennis helps them face and enjoy business competition; and women tend to publicize their businesses better than men do. Such pronouncements characterize this lively manual for female entrepreneurs by a top New York City publicist. Courage, energy and determination are prerequisites, writes Wesman, for joining the ranks of the 6.5 million women owner-managers. She goes on to give convincing and sometimes funny advice on psychological self-evaluation, hiring the essential accountant or lawyer ("three can give you three different opinions"), handling emotional employee situations (temper-losing, etc.), networking, closing a deal ("money pushes everyone's buttons") and how to get paid for it all. Particularly cogent is Wesman's analysis of the hiring process?which, in its commonsense detail, turns out to be an excellent guide, too, for those who want the jobs.