Award-winning Author, Business Expert and Futurist Releases New Book, "The 3rd Ingredient"

Jim Blasingame reveals the source of our anxiety about technology: An unprecedented ethical paradigm shift


SBN Books announces the release of “The 3rd Ingredient: The Journey of Analog Ethics into the World of Digital Fear and Greed” by award-winning author, Jim Blasingame. In this his fourth book, Blasingame reveals a once-in-10-millennia shift is at the heart of the unprecedented anxiety we’re experiencing as we make the transition from an analog world to a digital one.

“Hundreds of years before a robot takes us down,” Blasingame says, “we humans will do it to ourselves by failing to establish effective digital ethics. We have to determine what digital trust look like. We have to start now.”

Blasingame says a shift of this magnitude – about something so much a part of our very being, our ethical DNA – has never happened before in human society and markets. The source of so much anxiety about technology comes from expecting our miles-per-hour analog ethics to transition and perform in a billions-of-bits-per-second digital environment, with virtually no conversation.

From the Foreword, by Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup: “In ‘The 3rd Ingredient,’ Jim has done the heavy lifting to get us to think about the ethical impact of digital leverage. He’s both a prophet and prolific reporter on how humans must navigate this first-time-in-history shift from our analog past to our digital future.”

Steve Forbes said, “In ‘The 3rd Ingredient,’ Jim Blasingame innovatively asks and answers arguably the most profoundly critical question of our time: Why is technology causing so much anxiety? This book is compelling and prophetic.”

Legendary management guru, Ken Blanchard, offers this appraisal: “You’ll never feel the same about the digital world we live in after you read Jim Blasingame’s important new book, ‘The 3rd Ingredient.’”

“The 3rd Ingredient” is Blasingame’s fourth book and the follow-up to his multiple-award-winning book, “The Age of the Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance,” which has sold 100,000 copies. Recognized as a marketplace futurist and one of the world’s leading experts on business and entrepreneurship, Blasingame is the creator and award-winning host of the syndicated weekday radio broadcast, The Small Business Advocate® Show, a syndicated columnist and keynote speaker.

For his thought-leadership, Blasingame has received numerous national awards and recognition from organizations such as the U.S. Small Business Administration, the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, and American Small Business Development Centers.

Blasingame is founder and president of Small Business Network, Inc. (SBN), which produces and distributes multimedia small business resources worldwide, including The Small Business Advocate Show. SBN Books is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Small Business Network, Inc.

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