3rd Ingredient™

Advice, information and training in the field of economics, business operations and business management.

3RD INGREDIENT™ is a fundamental belief system originating with Jim Blasingame.

3RD INGREDIENT™ is a line of products and services offered by Jim including a series of books, written articles and publications, and educational materials; advisory services; and consulting/training all in the field of Economics, Business Operations and Business Management.

Please browse the following selection of 3RD INGREDIENT™ educational audio products to learn more about Jim’s motivational beliefs, products, and services concerning small business economics and operations; including Jim's exclusive series of 3RD INGREDIENT™ shows.

Stan Bril
Stan Bril joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the markers of a business loan lender that you should avoid because they are predatory.
Bob Fischer
Bob Fischer joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how tax policy is abused by the political class and what we have to do to stop this, including having a flat tax.
Tom Anastasi
Tom Anastasi joins Jim Blasingame to reveal his personal checklist he recommends for entrepreneurs who want to start a business.
Eugene Griessman
Gene Griessman joins Jim Blasingame to celebrate Memorial Day by discussing what could be done to improve the medical care available to our veterans.
Gary Moore
Can we save capitalism? Gary Moore joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how he explains in his new book, "Look Up America" how we can save capitalism from Wall Street and other enemies of capitalism.
Gary Moore
Wall Street business model is not capitalism. Gary Moore joins Jim Blasingame to discuss Greg Smith's column in the NY Times about his resignation from Goldman Sachs which is an indictment of modern Wall Street practices.
Steve Beaman
America's two great threats come from within: Washington and Wall Street. Steve Beaman joins Jim Blasingame to discuss why reforms in America must come from Main Street, as we take back our country from Wall Street or Washington.
Gary Moore
Has capitalism in America seen it's best days? Gary Moore joins Jim Blasingame to predict that capitalism in America - especially as it emanates from Wall Street - is likely to produce a European style growth pattern.
Ted Fishman
Has Wall Street become the enemy of capitalism? Ted Fishman joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the predatory and potentially libelous practices of 21st century Wall Street, including the excesses of short-sellers.
Gary Moore
How responsible should major corporations be beyond their shareholder? Gary Moore joins Jim Blasingame to talk about whether corporate America has any obligation to society beyond what their self-interested marketplace activity produces.