Andrew J. Sherman

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Jim and Andrew talk about the upcoming Grow Fast, Grow Right seminar in Baltimore, Maryland and what businesses will learn to help them overcome the obstacles of money, time and people.
Andrew and Jim talk about how small communities can invigorate their economies, and they move on to talk about how to grow your small business the right way.
Andrew joins Jim to discuss how companies can grow fast and grow right. Andrew is actually his launching a new Web site which is dedicated helping emerging companies grow effectively.
Andrew and Jim explain the differences in the investment capital environment now compared to the same environment of the 1990’s, including the steps that would have to be taken by any company seeking investment capital in the 21st century.
Jim and Andrew talk about what you need to know to grow a business by franchising.
Andrew and Jim discuss conversion franchising and how to decide if being a franchisee is right for you.
Andrew joins Jim to talk about selling businesses and what needs to be considered before selling.
Jim and Andrew talk about the concern about what happened to the momentum in the marketplace.
Jim and Andrew talk about how to take advantage of the current expansion and why this one is going to be longer and stronger than the last one.
Andrew and Jim begin their conversation talking about their meeting at Small Business Week and women entrepreneurship. They go on to talk about what the marketplace looks like.