A Little Less Conversation

Author: Tom Asacker

If you're confused and disillusioned by the simplistic techniques and acronym-laden formulas coming at you from every direction about how to create a brand that attracts customers, and engages and delights them, you're in luck! In this superbly readable and deceptively simple book, branding expert Tom Asacker explains precisely how today's successful brands are different from others, much different!

You'll finally realize why branding as media-based, image-making, and persuasive communication is rapidly losing its effectiveness, and why customers have tuned out the irrelevant chatter of dispassionate messaging and uninspired employees. Written by one of the leading names in the new marketing revolution, this pioneering book will inspire entrepreneurs of all stripes, shake the sleep out of an organization, and renew a focus on creating the kind of value that customers are happy to choose, talk about, and make an integral part of their busy lives.
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