Why People Don't Believe You...: Building Credibility from the Inside Out

Author: Rob Jolles

For some of us, projecting confidence and credibility is second nature. For the rest of us, it seems like a foreign language we'll never learn - until now. Robert Jolles, bestselling author and expert speaker, preaches that what you say actually matters far less than how you say it--it's the tune, not the lyrics, that truly convinces people.

Let's face it - there are some of us who are born with a natural ability to effortlessly communicate with others and be believed. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses this natural talent, and as a result struggle with the simple act of being believed. Frequently, this inability to get others to believe becomes a significant stumbling block affecting those we interact with, and the paths we choose in life. Expert author Rob Jolles has actively mentored and coached thousands who battle with long-term unemployment, and have a particularly acute problem with presenting themselves effectively. The problem, he says, is we rely far too heavily on our words to secure the belief of others, when in reality only seven percent of the emotional impact of our message comes from the words we use. The solution he offers here is building confidence through a series of process behaviors and techniques, and learning how to cope with fear, which can significantly impact how credible others perceive our message to be. Moving past the words, and applying acting and improv skills, along with improving pitch, pace, and tone, his programs have achieved astonishing results.