The Fine Art of Small Talk

Author: Debra Fine

Are you tongue-tied in front of your boss? Does the thought of a networking event leave your stomach in knots? Have you been passed over for a promotion, and you're not sure why? Help is on the way with The Fine Art of Small Talk. Small talk is more than just chitchat; it's a valuable tool to help you climb the corporate ladder, command respect from others, widen your business and social circles, and boost your self-confidence. With practical advice and simple conversation "cheat sheets," The Fine Art of Small Talk offers easy-to-learn techniques that will allow you to feel comfortable in any type of social situation - from lunch with the CEO to a cocktail party where you don't know a soul. Nationally recognized small-talk expert Debra Fine will show you how to learn to connect with others, come across and composed and self-assured, avoid awkward silences, convey warmth and enthusiasm, make a positive, last impression, and more.

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