If Your Money Talked...What Secrets Would It Tell?

Author: Gary Sirak

If Your Money Talked…
It would tell Gary Sirak he got it right: The real lessons about money don’t come with a calculator in your hand, but a mirror. Ego, Impatience, skewed self-perceptions, get-rich quick come-ons, lying to yourself and others about money – these, and many more, are the building blocks of lifestyles of the broke and regretful. But there’s a better way, and Sirak tells you what it is, with simplicity, wit and compassion.

Improving your financial story begins with an honest look inward. And Sirak’s story begins with a warm look backward. From the moment he raised money to go to camp by selling peppermint patties door-to-door from a little red wagon – overcoming shyness and realizing the power of setting goals in the process – he began to understand that people don’t just have (or not have) money. They have a relationship with money.

It’s that insight that makes Sirak as much a counselor as an adviser. Now, after more than 30 years working with both the absurdly affluent and the desperately debt-laden, Sirak shares real-life stories to illustrate the seven common mistakes people make with their money, and the often dramatic consequences that result.

Learn how you can avoid or overcome those same mistakes as Sirak takes you on a tour of his lessons, ranging from a modern-day miser who’d rather count his money than furnish his home to the inner thoughts of an unlikely scam-artist victim: Sirak himself. Pitfalls, trapdoors and dead ends revealed, Sirak closes with a list of eight secrets to financial peace-of-mind, including his wise Marriage Money Agreement.

Profoundly influenced by his parents, and in the tradition of The Millionaire Next Door and Think and Grow Rich, Sirak offers guidance that is wise, practical, and infinitely time-tested.