Personal Brilliance

Author: Jim Canterucci

Whatever your definition of success, you'll achieve it only when you apply four key habits to your life and work -- not once in a while, or just "when the going gets tough," but every single day. Once you master that ability, you'll find that control, freedom of choice, and spectacular success are yours. Personal Brilliance helps you maximize your Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative. These four traits we all have can be the catalysts for achieving your best. The secret is in consistently applying these four "habits of mind." This dynamic book features:

* Easy, fun practices and processes proven to nurture the four habits
* Inspiring stories of people who have dramatically improved their lives and made significant differences in their communities, homes, and businesses
* Proven ways to break through the barriers that stop you from being and achieving your personal best in all areas of your life

You already have what it takes to be successful. Here's how to put it to work!
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