Executive Thinking

Author: Leslie Kossoff

From Booklist: Kossoff... presents her thesis on executive thinking, which she defines as "the human and organizational manifestation of the executive's dreams, goals, and vision." To her, "dreams" are detailed, exquisite, tangible pictures of what the organization can, should, and will be, and "vision for the corporation" is an active concept, real and tangible, strategically based and task supported. Successful executives ensure that others see and understand the dreams and vision and lead the organization to transforming them into reality. The dreams must be shared, and everyone must become involved as an active participant. Kossoff's concept of dreams includes knowledge, experience, and observation of other organizations to determine which organizations the executive admires or does not admire and why. We learn that executives need to develop "dreaming" skills in order to make them a habit of their leadership. Teaching executive thinking to corporate management is the author's business, and this book can serve as an infomercial for her services.