Right Risk

Author: Bill Treasurer

From Publishers Weekly: Teamwork and leadership consultant Treasurer here encourages readers to take risks calculated to catapult them out of the lukewarm safety of mediocrity and into "an intimate encounter with the magnificence of their own souls." He chooses intriguing anecdotes, often from his seven years as a member of the U.S. High Diving Team... to illustrate how to take good risks... He offers 10 principles to encourage such healthy risks, from "finding your golden silence" ...to "exposing yourself" emotionally... His clear, colloquial chapters encourage readers to overcome inertia, write "risk scripts" and turn fear into a positive force. Admonitions to go ahead and be imperfect and embrace the possibilities inherent in risks-whether they're professional or personal-should spark many readers to vow to live more deliberately, energetically and authentically, and the questions Treasurer poses to readers at each chapter's conclusion are helpful tools for self-guidance.