Jim Blasingame

Are you following Age of the Customer prospecting rules?

The rules of prospecting have changed. Jim Blasingame reveals how prospecting rules have changed in the Age of the Customer, what those rules are and how to successfully practice them.

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Jim Blasingame reveals the dangers of failing to tell the truth about what causes mass attacks and killings, especially that people hurt other people because of what’s in their heart, not their hands.
Jim Blasingame reveals the steps of an economic cycle, and why it’s important to differentiate between a recovery mode and an economic expansion.
Jim Blasingame talks about some of the issues around the Orlando terrorist attack and why America has to have a gut check about how we’re going to deal with the fact that radical Islam has declared war on us.
Jim Blasingame reveals several tips and best practices to help you thrive in the face of big box and cyber-box competitors.
Jim Blasingame identifies the names and his memories of three friends who died in Vietnam, and to lament the fact that we’ve lost thousands of Americans in wars politicians weren’t committed to finish.