Jim Blasingame

Jim Blasingame's 2011 predictions, results and his score (segment 2 of 2)

In this second of two segments, Jim Blasingame concludes the results of his 2011 predictions, including his forecast that Gingrich would be leading in GOP polls at the end of 2011, plus his 2011 accuracy rating and 11-year average.

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Jim Blasingame reveals the truth about the future of unions and why Obama’s commitment to them is out of date.
Jim Blasingame recommends replacing New Year Resolutions with what his calls SLACC, or Strategic Look At Critical Components.
Jim Blasingame takes President Obama to task about his disingenuous statement that he wants to “protect the Internet” when his actions tell a different story.
Jim Blasingame reveals why we must realize fundamental Islamist murderers who kill journalists in France are only one step away from attacking all of the elements of liberty we hold dear, not just freedom of speech.
Jim Blasingame reveals that the maxim “It’s lonely at the top” is only true if we allow it to be by telling ourselves these five lies.