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Thumbnail Small Business' Green Jacket of Success
Small Business Advocate Jim Blasingame explains how every small business begins as a dream but quickly becomes one based on survival and determination.
Thumbnail Differentiating between Users and Customers
Jim Blasingame discusses the emergence of social media IPOs and their relationship to your small business.
Thumbnail Your Success is Tied to Mobile
Jim Blasingame tells small business owners why their future successes remain tied to mobile innovations and presence.
Thumbnail What is a blog and why should small business care?
Jim Blasingame explains the relevance between your small business and a blog.
Thumbnail There is no handshake in "the cloud"
Jim Blasingame explains why social media cannot always replace face-to-face meetings with customers.
Thumbnail The greatest challenges of small business owners today
Jim Blasingame reports on a recent Small Business Advocate poll on the greatest challenges for today's small businesses.
Thumbnail Allow customers to see your authentic side
Jim Blasingame talks about connecting with you customers through authenticity.
Thumbnail Customers now co-own your brand message
Jim Blasingame shares how your customer have control over your brand.
Thumbnail Business planning will always be relevant to success
Jim Blasingame explains why business planning is essential.
Thumbnail If you like your Internet, you may not be able to keep it
Jim Blasingame talks about the future of the internet with the upcoming ICANN expiration.