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Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame reveals that the energy driving The Age of the Customer is from the new expectations of customers provided by the increased availability of information.
Mark Babbitt
Mark Babbitt joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the impact of social media as a marketing paradigm shift and how a call-to-action is now less impactful than demonstrating relevance to prospects.
Mark Babbitt
Mark Babbitt joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the fact that the term social media is unintuitive for small business owners and why they should think of it more in terms of different ways to connect with customers.

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Jim Blasingame
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Cindy Miller
Brain Trust member and Small Business Advocate Show guest Cindy Miller explains why including social media in your marketing is beyond impertinent to your success. » More
Daniel Burrus
Brain Trust member Daniel Burrus explains how he's utilized three principles into his public and private work success. » More