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Grant LeBoff
Grant LeBoff joins Jim Blasingame to review the evolution and relative effectiveness of social media marketing a decade after it began, including how small businesses should think about using it.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame celebrates his 20th anniversary on the air discussing the three things he started out telling small business owners to focus on in 1997.
Ivan Misner
Ivan Misner joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the concept of “networking up” as a way to get in front of someone who operates in a higher orbit than you.

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Jim Blasingame
Building online customer communities is how a small business transcends being competitive and achieves relevance. In a world where everything is a commodity, value is the threshold of a customer co... » More
Jim Blasingame
Networking is the professional version of the gregariousness of humans – we just like doing it. Done right, networking is a commitment to what’s best for the person on the other side of the handsha... » More
Jim Blasingame
Small business advocate, Jim Blasingame, talks three critical disciplines to help entrepreneurs prepare for the 21st century. » More