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Ruth King
Ruth King joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how online phishing scammers have been able to insert themselves between a business and a customer to redirect payments to the bad guys, and how to avoid this.
Tony Uphoff
Tony Uphoff joins Jim Blasingame to report on research that shows American manufacturers are facing a several thousand employee deficit, even when technology is taken into consideration.
Tony Uphoff
Tony Uphoff joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the challenges of American manufacturers worker deficit and some of the steps that need to be taken to address this major challenge to our national economy.

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Jim Blasingame
Commentary on the future of the Internet as the U.S. prepares to transfer governance of ICANN to a global, multi-stakeholder community. » More
Diane DiResta
Have you done your first Periscope Presentation? It’s a free live stream service you can access on your smart phone or tablet. » More
Steve DelBianco
When congressional allies of major retailers began advocating that a complicated nationwide Internet sales tax be imposed, it was a bad idea that Congress rightly rejected. Now they’ve come back wi... » More