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Kenneth Davis
Do you know what REALLY happened on that first day of thanksgiving in America? Ken joins Jim have a lot of fun talking about the myths and facts about the history of this great American holiday. Oh, by the way, Jim gets a little riled up about Canada's thanksgiving day.
Kenneth Davis
What do we really know about Christopher Columbus? Ken joins Jim on Columbus Day to fill us in on some things we know and some we don't know, about this man traditionally -- which is not to say, correctly -- recognized as the person who discovered America.
All across the U.S. individuals are making a difference by volunteering their time, energy and resources to build and support local charities that help local and national causes. Ben and Victor are two such individuals and they talk with Jim about their registered charity, Swing For a Cure.
More than two centuries ago this week, the great American experiment was put down on paper when 39 visionaries signed the U.S. Constitution, and Claire joins Jim to talk about what that means to us today.
Burton Folsom
Burt and Jim celebrate Labor Day by talking a little about its history and why there should be more recognition of the business owner, not just the employee.
Kenneth Davis
What do you know about the history of Labor Day? Ken joins Jim to discuss this history and the legacy of the labor movement in the U.S.
You know who James Audubon is, but do you really know him? Lawrence joins Jim to talk about the real Audubon and what his impact was on the shaping of America.
Kenneth Davis
What do you know about the history of Independence Day in America? Ken joins Jim to review some of the truths and misconceptions about the celebration we know as the Fourth of July.
One of the most beautiful parts of the USA is Albemarle county Virginia, and Avery talks with Jim about why it was important for him and his co-author to chronicle this historically important region of America with words and photographs.
John joins Jim to celebrate Father's Day. What does it take to be a good parent? A delicate balance between work and family is essential to achieving healthy relationships with children.

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