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Category: Marketing, Branding, Advertising

Philippa Gamse
How to work more effectively with web developers. Philippa Gamse joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how to avoid getting ripped off by website developers and what specifications to ask for.
Kathy Perry
Is your business relevant on Cyber Monday? Kathy Perry joins Jim Blasingame with tips and best practices on how small businesses can be both competitive and relevant on cyber-Monday or any other day online.
Kirk Cheyfitz
What do your customers want from you? Kirk Cheyfitz joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that customers expect competitiveness from you, but the differentiator is how relevant you are to them before and after they buy.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Customers are responding to their friends referrals more than your ads. Kirk Cheyfitz joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that customer communities are becoming more powerful than ad campaigns, and why you should "serve first - sell second."
Cinda Baxter
Why would a small business thank Walmart? Cinda Baxter joins Jim Blasingame to explain that the biggest threat to their success is their own practices, not the Big Boxes.
Cinda Baxter
Don't drive by Main Street businesses on the way to Big Boxes. Cinda Baxter joins Jim Blasingame to explain how the 3/50 Project helps consumers understand how they can get great value by supporting Main Street businesses.
Ruth King
What does leadership as an operating fundamental look like? Ruth King joins Jim Blasingame to report on her Small Business Summit that features leadership, marketing and coaching experts.
Kirk Cheyfitz
What kind of conversation are you having with prospects and customers? Kirk Cheyfitz joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the demand and power of conversations that customers are preferring over traditional manipulation strategies.
Steve Forbes
Why did Republicans allow Democrats to define their brand? Steve Forbes joins Jim Blasingame to explain that if you allow the competition to define your brand, as Republicans allowed Democrats in the 2012 election, you will lose.
Wally Bock
Do you have a marketing plan for your self-published book? Wally Bock joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how to monetize your self-published book, which might include not selling a single one in a book store.

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