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Small businesses with successful business models and existing banking relationships with an independent bank can get credit. Terry Neese and Jim Blasingame talk about this why reports to the contrary are false.
How are women voters reacting to the presidential tickets of the two parties? Terry Neese talks with Jim Blasingame about how a woman on the Republican ticket has changed the presidential campaign landscape. They also talk about some of the important issues that are important to small business that are being debated by the candidates.
US tax code and human resources policies that were created in the early part of the 20th century must be scrapped altogether, or changed to conform to 21st century reality. Terry Neese talks with Jim Blasingame about five critical "family friendly" policies that our government must address right away.
Women are playing an increasing role in global business, especially small business, and Terry Neese talks with Jim Blasingame about this, and what her organization is doing to promote global women's business ownership.
Women are doing great as small business owners, but not so well when it comes to getting government contracts. Terry joins Jim to explain this issue and what women can do about it.
Terry and Jim talk about the role women should play in the public policy debate. They also talk about a new program that trains women how to enter the debate, and finally they discuss the efforts being made to help women in Afghanistan.
Dr. Coburn, Senator from Oklahoma, and Terry Neese, join Jim to talk about the hearing Dr. Coburn is conducting on the effectiveness of the SBA. They also discuss some of the controversy that has arisen over how fair this hearing will be.
Terry joins Jim to talk about some of the important current small business public policy issues, including the status of the SBA, plus the recent progress of Small Business Health Plans in the Senate.
Terry and Jim talk about current public policy issues that impact women business owners, especially access to government contracts and the reform of health insurance laws.