Jim Blasingame

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Are you ready for a new class of prospect? Jim Blasingame reveals a new kind of influencer to your business he calls "users," who he says are also a new class of prospect you should get to know.
What would small business owners do about entitlements? Jim Blasingame reveals the results of a survey that found small business owners would solve entitlement problems even if if changed their own expectations.
Why is outsourcing so critical to small business? Jim Blasingame to talk about what he calls "internal and external outsourcing" is the best thing to happen to small business since the PC.
Are you ready for the Age of the Customer? Jim Blasingame reveals the markers that identify what he calls "Hidebound Sellers" and "Visionary Sellers" and how to tell which one you are.
Will VP nominee Paul Ryan be better for Romney or Obama? Jim Blasingame reports on whether Congressman Paul Ryan as Romney's VP running mate will be good for Republicans or for Democrats, including results of a poll on this issue.
The powerful and symbiotic relationship between liberty and entrepreneurship. Jim Blasingame talks about the unique, powerful and symbiotic relationship liberty has with entrepreneurship and why it's different across the globe.
What's the difference between GDP and GNP and why should you care? Jim Blasingame explains the difference between GDP and GNP and reports on a poll of small business owners about what they think about the economy in the second half of 2012.
Are you asking Age of the Customer questions? Jim Blasingame to talk about how to get in sync with customers by asking them what they know about what you sell before telling them what you know.
Are your salespeople ready for the Age of the Customer? Jim Blasingame reveals the three kinds of salespeople, why two of them have parts of what they need, but only one will succeed in the Age of the Customer.
What if we all acted like Olympic athletes all the time? Jim Blasingame to hold Olympic athletes up as models of behavior for all the rest of us on the planet to emulate more often.