Jim Blasingame

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What's the big deal about crowdsourcing and the wisdom of crowds? Jim Blasingame talks about why some people say there is wisdom in diverse "crowd" collaboration, as well as in the power of crowdsourcing for projects.
There are problems with crowdfunding. Jim Blasingame reports on some of the news about crowd funding and why he thinks it is not going to be a long-term solution small business capitalization strategy.
If you have to rely on crowdfunding, you don't have a viable business model. Jim Blasingame reveals why viable businesses must earn the right to acquire traditional capital options, like investor and bank loans, not crowdfunding.
How could a Scrooge defend himself? Jim Blasingame acknowledges being a Scrooge and offers evidence in his defense, plus two challenges to us to make the world a better place, on The Small Business Advocate Show.
Christmastime is especially difficult for our military and their families. Jim Blasingame recognizes and thanks members of America's military - and their families - on this Christmas program, and recommends two veterans charities.
'Exploring the forces of your existence. Jim Blasingame celebrates Christmas by reading a passage from "Anam Cara," a book by his late friend, John O'Donohue, titled, "To be born is to be chosen."
Jim has found a better way to thank customers during the holidays. Jim Blasingame talks about how he discovered that customers prefer that you donate to charities in their honor instead of receiving gifts.
Want to make fear a motivator and not an immobilizer? Jim Blasingame identifies the fear-fighting tools that will help you recognize and defeat the many forms of entrepreneurial fear.
Are you waiting until the next election to grow your business? Jim Blasingame reveals the results of a Small Business Advocate poll where half of the respondents said they're business plans were on hold until after the 2012 election.
In this first of two segments, Jim Blasingame reviews his 2011 predictions, compares them with what actually happened and his score. Topics include small business trends, the economy, politics and even a little sports.