Jim Blasingame

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A campaign promise and what can really be done are two different things. Jim Blasingame talks about the need to distinguish between the political reality of campaign rhetoric from the reality of what can actually be accomplished.
How can you be more like Steve Jobs? Jim Blasingame talks about the late Steve Jobs’ entrepreneurial vision on innovation, customer focus, and uncompromising quest for excellence and how you can be like him.
Is your bank your business's best friend? Jim Blasingame reveals results of Small Business Advocate polls which indicates what kinds of banks small business owners use and how satisfied they are with these relationships.
It's okay to fall in love with what you do, but don't fall in love with how you do it. Jim Blasingame talks about historic, game-changing killer apps and encourages you to take a hard look at the innovation and creativity of your small business.
Are you creative enough to develop your own killer app? Jim Blasingame reveals what the process of developing a killer app might look like in a Main Street small business.
Why would a customer come back to your small business? Celebrating Customer Care Week, Jim Blasingame reminds you that customers come back for the way you make them feel, not because of your products or price.
Obama’s 21st century campaign strategy defeated McCain’s 20th century campaign. Jim Blasingame explains how 21st century tools - email and social media - was the likely difference that helped Barack Obama become president in 2008.
Is the president or Congress most responsible for the current economy? Jim Blasingame reveals results of a recent Small Business Advocate poll in which both Congress and the president get low marks for their economic policies and performance.
The late Irish poet, John O’Donohue said, “…your spirit loves the danger of growth.” Jim Blasingame talks about how discovering your spirit helps you find the courage to grow.
The days of only caring about what happens in the U.S. is over for small business owners. Jim Blasingame talks about why forces caused by the evolution of the global economy will impact every small business in the U.S.