Victory Over Doubt

Jim Blasingame You are my enemy, Doubt!

You are my anti-energy,
my nemesis,
and the lie that lays me low.

You dwell in the valleys between my aspirations,
you steal from my spirit,
and taunt me from the shadows with your cache of lies.

You are insidious, Doubt!

The pain of your itch is sweetly seductive,
and you lure me in with
painful pleasure when I scratch you.

The weight of your influence is burdensome,
the sense of your negativism is frightening,
and the pull of your gravity is maddening.

You will be silent, Doubt!

You invade my dreams,
you linger in my consciousness,
and you attack my hopes.

You have no important message,
redeeming value,
or concern for my well-being.

You will not succeed, Doubt!

You will fail to control me,
you will scarce be more than a word that I know,
rather than a force that defines me.

If I am to be myself
you cannot own me,
or hold me hostage.

You will not win, Doubt!

I will refuse your discouragement,
and deny you access to
the possibilities that lie ahead for me.

Above your protests I will focus on my capabilities,
recognize my accomplishments,
and rise to face challenges and opportunities.

You are in my way, Doubt!

I have things to create,
ideas to deliver,
and destiny to fulfill.

The ship of my vision is rigged,
a tide of momentum is rising,
and you are excess ballast.

I will defeat you, Doubt!

I will remember the words of Kahlil Gibran,
"Doubt is a pain too lonely to know
that faith is his twin brother."

I will fight you with my faith,
obscure you with my creativity,
and defeat you with my spirit and with my will.

Get behind me, Doubt!

Write this on a rock... I am greater than you, Doubt! I believe in myself.

©2003 All Rights Reserved

Category: Work-Life, Balance
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