Think Right In The Morning

Jim Blasingame Beverly Inman-Ebel is the author of Talk Is Not Cheap, and one of our community's communication experts. She helps us recognize the high cost of poor communication, and take advantage of the high value of good communication. In one visit with me on the show, we talked about, among other things, how we communicate with ourselves. I admitted that I talk to myself. Always have. I also confessed that I often answer myself. I know. That makes me crazy. But what's new, right?

Anyway, back to the subject. Beverly says we actually talk to, and listen to ourselves more than we do anyone else. Makes sense, when you think about it. So, Beverly encourages us to learn how to have positive, productive conversations with ourselves.

Beverly explained how our brain works as we start our day. Here's a flash: She says the right hemisphere wakes up first. Didn't know that, did you? She also says the right side is the gullible side. It will believe anything you tell it. Hmmm. Didn't know that either. Beverly says we've got maybe as much as two hours in the morning to talk to this gullible side. So, what happens after that? You've got it: the old left hemisphere wakes up and crashes the party. It's the pain-in-the-butt, devil's advocate left part of the brain that's telling you, "that won't work", "where'd you get that dumb idea", "you got to be out of your mind", "stupidest thing I've ever heard". I am well acquainted with that side, aren't you?

Here's a suggestion: Be very quiet when we wake up; we don't want to disturb Lefty. Talk quietly to Righty, but more importantly, listen. I think listening to Righty is more important than talking to it. I often wake up with my best new ideas. Anywhere from when I open my eyes to 10 minutes after I get out of bed I have at least one new idea, or maybe a new perspective on something I have been working on. According to Beverly, I've been getting those strokes of genius from Righty. And remember, if you are listening instead of talking, you will be quieter, and that will let Lefty sleep a little longer.

Now, let's talk about feeding Righty the kind of information that will promote a productive and positive attitude for the rest of the day. Beverly says there are three things to pay attention to as we communicate with Righty:

1. Make sure your references are in the Present Tense. "I am giving my new prospects the maximum opportunity to do business with me."

2. Make all communication in the First Person. "I will create a new... "

3. Your words and thoughts must be Positive. " I will learn something today that will help me to be more successful tomorrow."

This is powerful stuff. I think this could change your life. I think it has changed mine. I've been doing most of this for a long time, I just didn't realize I could actually manage and control it.

By the way, don't try this after naps. Lefty doesn't take naps.

Write this on a rock... Figure out a way to have a few minutes first thing in the morning where it's quiet and you are alone, and communicate with Righty. Listen first, then answer, " this..." Then let the life changes begin.

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