Planning Your Success

Beverly Inman-Ebel Let’s say that you are well on your way to achieving success through goal setting. You have created goals that stretch your resources and, if achieved, will deliver new levels of accomplishment. Now that you have a great goal, what do you do at the planning stage?

Recreate. Some plans are best modeled after successful endeavors of the past. You can use approaches that have worked for you before, or you can find out what others have been able to do. Avoid reinventing the wheel by making the same mistakes others have made. Do your due-diligence by talking to others with experience. Here are some sources to consider:

  • People you know
  • Experts (be bold enough to call)
  • Internet search engines
  • Public and university libraries (ask for reference help)
  • Industry publications

Innovate. Be willing to brainstorm, mindmap, or just sleep on ideas. Make it a part of your routine to purposefully come up with some unusual ideas before you determine their suitability. Be open to the unique ideas that others may not have tried. Doing something unique brands you as an innovator and solution-maker.

Once you have a plan, make sure to “time map” it throughout the process, including post implementation evaluation. Visualize the process from start to finish so that you can identify roadblocks or requirements that were not at first apparent. Then, make sure that you have input and buy-in from the other people whose participation is essential. Schedule the timepoints with all of the participants.

Be flexible with plans and not so flexible with goals and outcomes. You will learn as you go along, so adjust accordingly. Remember to celebrate your success and recognize those who helped you to make it happen!

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