How to Make Your Own Good Fortune

Barbara Weltman To paraphrase singer Tina Turner, “what’s luck got to do with it?” Unlike the old thinking that someone can be born under a lucky star, today’s reality shows that luck is something you develop through your attitude and behavior. Luck, in effect, becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy for those who expect good things to happen. While many of the suggestions on how to create your own good luck may seem like common sense, reminders to act on these suggestions can be useful.

A recent study, conducted by the Luck Project, led by one of Britain’s leading paranormal investigators, found astonishing results for those in business. The project’s participants, employees of an IT equipment reconditioning firm, were taught to apply principles derived from a 10-year study of the way lucky people created their own good fortune. Seventy-five percent of those who put the principles to work believed their company’s luck had increased, and its sales figures increased 20% from month to month (for details, go to

Expect good fortune and it will surely result. That’s because people with this attitude are more receptive to spotting opportunities that can be beneficial to them.

Believe that you deserve good fortune. This will open you up to favorable possibilities.

Believe that everyone deserves good luck. This attitude prevents jealousy, a consuming negative emotion that can drain you of time and energy better used for productive purposes.

Don’t expect good luck to be connected with superstitions, such as good luck charms. Waiting for these talismans to produce good results wastes time that can be devoted to actually creating good luck.

Take positive actions.Look for the little things that help you connect one positive action to another – it’s not good luck buy your instinct and activity that produce a good outcome (which some would call good luck). For example, if someone recommends you to one of their customers and you follow up, it wasn’t luck that brought you new business, but your actions.

Be open to new experiences. Listen to your intuition and act on your good hunches.

Remove obstacles to good fortune. Good fortune is out there for you to grab – but it won’t come to you if you create a shield – an expectation that bad things will happen. Lose the shield and get good luck. Make a choice to be lucky.

Eliminate negative behaviors. What could turn out to be great fortune can be sabotaged through your actions – failure to take notice of opportunities and follow up, or displaying rudeness or insensitivity.

Turn negative experiences into positive actions. How lucky that life dealt you a lemon so that you can make money selling lemonade!

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